One of the major hurdles we had to clear to get our season online was finding a great videographer who knew how to capture live music with the highest quality and fidelity. Meet Chris Zaiontz of Wizard Broadcasting! 

Chris Zaiontz

Chris Zaiontz

As we were figuring out how we could go online with our series this year, we knew we needed a space in which to perform, as our venue is closed to us until further notice (even with no audience). I was scrolling through social media one night, and I landed on Doc Watkins’ livestream from Jazz TX. “Wow”, I thought, “This looks and sounds great!” And everything clicked. Here was a venue already set up for live-streaming live concerts! Doc agreed to let us use his space and put us in touch with Chris, the Wizard at Wizard Broadcasting. Chris makes Doc’s livestream work seamlessly and look beautiful. 

If you haven’t caught The Doc Watkins Show yet, we encourage you to take a look. First, because Doc puts on a great show, AND it will give you an idea of the quality of production you’re going to see from our livestreams this season. We think the high quality video and multiple camera angles will give you a new perspective on our concert experience! You can see any of the archived shows at Jazz, TX’s YouTube, or catch the livestream Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 CST. (Side note: Jazz, TX‘s kitchen is open Tuesday-Saturday, and we hope you’ll consider showing them a little love for hosting our livestream by adding them to your social distancing takeout routine!) 

Mid-livestream at Jazz TX

Next crucial component: making sure the audio is the very best representation of our real sound! Enter our long-time recording engineer, Bob Catlin. Bob has been recording our concerts since Day One and recorded our Grammy-nominated album, Salon Buenos Aires: Music by Miguel del Aguila. In fact, up until 2019, he had been at more Camerata concerts than Ken or I had (a story for another time!). He knows our sound as well as (and probably better) than we do! 

Bob Catlin

We’re all in uncharted territory here, but we’ve assembled a really great team that we are confident will help us bring you the highest quality livestream experience possible! Our debut stream goes LIVE on Sept 13 at 3:00. Tickets available here!